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Le Creuset Cookware

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Le Creuset Cookware

Our 5-Piece Enamelled Cast Iron Cookware Set is a great introductory collection to cast iron cookware, featuring three of Le Creuset’s essentials, including a 4.2 L Round Dutch Oven, a 26 cm Iron Handle Skillet and a 2 L Saucier Pan. This set has been carefully curated to tackle a wide range of recipes and new cooking techniques, helping you experiment in the kitchen.

Our 5-Piece Enamelled Cast Iron Cookware Set is extremely durable and can be used on a daily basis to prepare your favourite recipes. Its enamelled cast iron construction not only ensures its durability, but exposes ingredients to a consistent heat source, providing superior heat retention.

Whether you are preparing a delicious stew, searing meat, or reducing the perfect sauce for your one-pot pasta recipe, our 5-Piece Enamelled Cast Iron Set accommodates with ease.